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  • Bermain Kertas Origami Yeeaaayyy... I like to play with origami paper, how about you? If you have some origami papers at home, you can try to do the house using the origami paper together with me. Hope you enjoyed my video. Thanks a lot.

    Ms. Lia Guru TK
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  • Mengenal Ukuran Besar dan Kecil Hello lovely children,
    It's time to learn about size comparison. Let's start with Big and Small.
    Can you point the objects at your house which are big and small?
    Try to show it to your mommy and daddy too!

    Enjoy the video!!
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  • Tips Biar Jago FPS Guys buat kalian player FPS, pastikan kalian menggunakan Nvidia Reflex + VGA dari Colorful iGame!!!
    Aku udah cobaiin nih, Nvidia Reflex + VGA dari Colorful iGame alhasil memberikan Latensi rendah dan FPS tinggi, jadi bisa buat skill makin jago dan respon kalian semakin cepat/real time.
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